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Cindy Roberts

Co-Founder & Administrator


Cindy Roberts became a true fiddle fan when her middle son began taking fiddle lessons from legendary fiddle and guitar player Joey McKenzie. As she sat in on lessons she began to grasp just how difficult fiddling is, but how beautiful it is when played correctly. She gained a deep appreciation for the instrument, the tunes, and the style of fiddling; and she fell in love. Eight years and many lessons, contests, festivals, gigs, and all-night jams later and she's still on the honeymoon.

Together with her partner in crime, Sherry McKenzie, they founded Fiddles On Wheels in order to perpetuate all things fiddle related. At any fiddle event you'll find her behind the camera taking tons of pictures. When she's not at a fiddle event or teaching herself how to use technology and run a 501c3 she enjoys reading about fiddle history, antiquing, crafting, taking pictures, and spending time with her husband and three boys.


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